Choose quality over quantity every time!

Choose quality over quantity every time!

Picture this, you are just about to start your search your career search, what do you do?

Some people will think speaking to every recruiter possible is a quick way to find a new position, which you could… however you run the risk of being pigeon holed into a role that’s right for the company you apply for and not for you.

Traditional recruiters will work from a clients, vacancy list and most recruiters work from the same vacancies lists, meaning by speaking to multiple recruiters you could be tarnishing your name by having it sent to the same clients multiple times.

At Greystone engineering we go way beyond job vacancies, in fact we don’t work vacancies! We pride ourselves on selling your skills and technical abilities to the companies that fit your requirements, good companies always need exceptional talent.

To kick start your job search the right way call me on 02038001655.

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