Make sure you are selective about your workplace

Make sure you are selective about your workplace

Did you know the Construction Industries output is more than £110bn per annum and contributes around 7% of the UK’s GDP?

Buildings alone contributes to close to 40% of the total figure, meaning there is over 1.2 million jobs, making it one of the most diverse industries to work in.

With the vast opportunity that’s available to you as a buildings engineer, you can be very selective about the company you work with. At Greystone engineering we urge our members to be selective about the criteria of their next step, ensuring it’s the right one.

By working with the top 10% of engineers we are confident in finding that member exactly what they want, as their quality and skills does the talking.

When faced with such an important career decision you can trust in the knowledge greystone engineering always has your goals, criteria and best interest at the forefront of our search.

If you are uncertain in anyway and want more from your career call us on 02038001655 and put the passion back into your career.

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