So how do you gain membership?

So how do you gain membership?

It’s great to hear how rapidly the Greystone Club is taking off, engineers all over the UK are starting to ask me how they can be involved or what’s the catch!?

Members out there, there’s no catch and no cost! Greystone engineering are looking for the opportunity to build the strongest relationships with the best engineers in the industry. We pride ourselves on it and we are known for it

So come the time when it’s right for you and your career to find something new, come to Greystone Engineering, trust in the knowledge we will find you the exact role you are looking for!

Then as a thank you, you are welcomed into the greystone club where you can experience some of the UK’s most exclusive packages and true after care to ensure your career is always in the best place it can be!

You can reach me on 02038001655 I look forward to hearing about your career to date and sharing more detail on the club.

Don’t forget follow our linked page to keep up to date with the latest in Greystone club news and industry advice. Speak soon.