What makes Greystone Engineering stand out in the recruitment world?

What makes Greystone Engineering stand out in the recruitment world?

I’ve started to recognise patterns in engineers telling my they are fed up with receiving calls about irrelevant jobs but it doesn’t surprise me when they tell me their CV is on a job board.

By using a generic agency you will follow the same trends…

1.Waste time talking to multiple recruiters, having the same conversation.

2.The job comes first, you will be sold irrelevant roles in attempt to earn commission

3.You will have access to a limited list of jobs.

4.Run the risk having your name saturated in the market….

So why is Greystone Engineering different I hear you ask?….

1.We don’t work jobs, you are our job description and we focus on satisfying your career goals.

2.By only working with the best engineers we are famous for the quality of the people we represent and as a result our client network is extensive and complete, there isn’t a door we cant open for you.

3.We provide close working relationships, on-going and regular contact throughout the search and offering comfort that we are covering all opportunities in the market for you

70% of the members we placed last year, went to companies that didn’t have jobs open!

4.Our approach is proactive and our clients always welcome exceptional talent. Career changes are such important decisions for the engineers we talk to.

Call us for advice or a more detailed conversation on your future requirements, you can reach me on 02038001655.